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Welcome to the Swetugg Call For Papers area. This is where you can submit a bio and one or more sessions to the Swetugg conference. You will only be able to submit new sessions when the Call For Papers period is open. Sessions that have already been submitted may be updated after the CFP is closed, but please only use this for minor edits.

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Swetugg 2018 2018-02-08 - 2018-02-09

Swetugg is a yearly conference for .NET developers, hosted in Stockholm.

As usual we are looking for a variety of different sessions, from introductory level to advanced deep-dives. Our target audience is .NET developers, we are also looking for topics that are of general interest to developers - be it web, security, testing, agile methodologies or maybe coffee?

The conference is non-profit and unfortunately we are not able to offer speaker fees. We will pay for two nights of accommodation in Stockholm and your train/flight if you need one. Our budget is quite limited, so we will have to take cost into consideration when accepting international speakers. If you're able to cover your own travel, please let us know.

This year we have three different session formats:

  • Standard session

    This is the typical conference session that we all know and love. A 50 minute talk with you on stage in front of the audience. The main language of Swetugg 2018 is English. However, if you feel more comfortable doing your session in Swedish that is OK too.

  • Session+Discussion

    Have you ever been to a talk where you wish you could have stayed an extra 20 minutes discussing what you just heard with the speaker(s) and the audience? This year we will have one track that consists of a standard-length session followed by a Q/A or panel. If you think your talk would fit this format, let us know by selecting the "Session+Discussion" format.

  • New talent

    Are you new to the conference scene? Maybe you've held one or two internal presentations at your company, or even a few user groups, but now you'd like to take it one step further? Then this track is for you! You don't even have to have a finished proposal - tell us about yourself and your interests and we'll guide you through it. These sessions are shorter than a standard session and will be held in a smaller room.

Call For Paper closed on 2017-10-02