Daniel Hindrikes

Architect and developer

How to build great apps with .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI is a multi-platform framework for building apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows with one shared code base.

During this session, Daniel Hindrikes will give his best tips on how to make a .NET MAUI app great on all platforms. That not only includes how to make it look great but also how you should build it to be accessible for everyone.

Daniel Hindrikes

Daniel is a developer and architect that has a passion for developing mobile apps powered by the cloud. Daniel has been developing mobile apps for more than 10 years, and developed for all major platforms, iOS, Android, Widows and Mac. He started with Xamarin in the very early days. The latest years he has also done a lot of development with Blazor, both websites and hybrid apps using .NET MAUI.

Daniel enjoying sharing his knowledge by speaking, blogging, and creating videos. He has a YouTube channel with focus on .NET MAUI content. Daniel is also a co-author of the book, Xamarin.Forms projects and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.