Mattias Lögdberg

Sharing Insight and knowledge | Microsoft MVP

Master PaaS networking

Dive deep into the world of PaaS networking. Ever find yourself puzzled by terms like Service Endpoint, Private Endpoint, or Private Link? Wonder why there are so many PaaS networking options and how they differ?

This session is designed to demystify these concepts. We'll not only clarify what each option entails but also explore their workings and reasons for choosing one over the other. Prepare to transform your understanding as we break down complex setups and provide clear insights into the 'how' and 'why' behind PaaS networking in Azure.

Get ready to leave with a solid grasp of your options and the knowledge to make informed networking decisions in Azure's cloud environment

Mattias Lögdberg

Mattias Lögdberg is a Cloud Development enthusiast at DevUP Solutions and has specialized on systems integration in the cloud mostly on Microsoft Azure. In the daily work Mattias is responsible for driving customer projects, ensuring quality and providing insight and understanding to Solutions built on Azure. Mattias passion for the cloud platform has taken him to the speaking stand and the hard work both with the community and customers has resulted in the MVP award from Microsoft since 2017.