Suzanne Daniels

Developer Tools & Platforms Specialist at Microsoft

Platform Engineering: Enabling better DevEx

Developer Productivity, Velocity, 10X… We’re all familiar with the buzzwords, the promises of accelerated software development. Yet, in the trenches, we find ourselves waiting on cloud teams to close database tickets, juggling dependencies on our trusty laptops, and deciphering the intricacies of our platform. Even our technical debt has its own technical debt.

But fear not! Emerging from the shadows is a practice that promises to transform our Developer Experience. In this session, we’ll dive deep into our view on platform engineering. We’ll explore how it's principles can elevate developer experience, untangle complexity, and pave the way for you to become a happy and productive developer.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of platform engineering, share hard-earned insights, and celebrate the products that propelled us forward from 2 year release cycles to the Microsoft you know today.

Suzanne Daniels

Suzanne's passion is finding ways to help developers and engineers get the tools and skills to do what they do best: creating the software this world runs on while trying to innovate and make sense of buzzwords at the same time. She is an advisor for organisations on Developer Experience, Platform Engineering and adoption of (cloud)technologies.

Suzanne emcees/hosts at events and is a speaker on both technical topics and more in general on transformation & innovation. Also, she organises meetups and events.