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Adrienne Tacke

Filipina Software Engineer & Published Author that believes knowledge is power.

Conducting Humane Code Reviews
Trekanten, Tuesday 13:55 - 14:45

Code reviews are a must in a proper development workflow, but what happens when performing or receiving one becomes as fun as getting a root canal? Instead of contributing meaningful suggestions, developers often use these reviews as an opportunity to rehash old arguments or show their "superiority".

From personal experience as a software engineer over the past 8 years to the stories my professional network shares, I know that code reviews can be a major pain point for many development teams.

In this talk, I'll describe the common mistakes we make while performing a code review and how it can cause unwanted side effects among a team and their codebase. I'll also describe worthwhile solutions to these issues so that they are less likely to occur. By the end of this talk, dev teams should be able to conduct code reviews fairly, catch substantiated mistakes, make productive suggestions, and still like each other afterward!

Azure Durable Function Patterns
Telerummet, Monday 13:55 - 14:45

When Azure Functions aren't enough, Durable Functions are probably the answer! Azure's Durable Functions allow you to write stateful functions in a serverless compute environment which are incredibly powerful when you have complex workflows or longer-running, dependent steps. We'll explore the six patterns with which Durable Functions can be applied and the best practices for each!

Specifically, we'll go over: - What are Durable Functions? - When to use Durable Functions over regular functions - Six durable functions patterns: -- Function Chaining --Fan-out/fan-in (and why durable functions are particularly better for this pattern than regular functions!) -- Async HTTP APIs -- Monitoring -- Human Interaction -- Aggregator

The audience should leave with a greater understanding of when to use Durable Functions over regular functions and understand the pros and cons of each durable function pattern when considering to implement one for their own workflows!

Adrienne Tacke

Adrienne Braganza Tacke is a Filipina software engineer, international speaker, and published author of the book Coding for Kids: Python. She is also a LinkedIn Learning instructor who specializes in Azure and Cloud Development courses. She takes great delight in solving complex problems and building awesome things, particularly with C# and JavaScript. Most of all, she relishes the opportunity to teach anyone about code.

After almost 8 years in the software engineering industry, she has worked in various industries like higher education and healthcare as well as several Las Vegas startups. Currently, she is a software engineer in the FinTech industry where she continues to solve complex problems to help modernize the FinTech space.

Any remaining time she has not advancing her career is dedicated to educating, mentoring, and leading new software engineers. From her #DontBeAfraidOfTheTerminal series on Instagram to her lessons and talks as a volunteer for Las Vegas, Adrienne wants to share her knowledge with everyone and help anyone truly curious to become knowledge leaders. She strongly advocates for STEM education and always encourages young women and girls to explore a career in software engineering.

And for the important information: her favorite PC/video games are Age of Empires II, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, and the Borderlands series; her favorite lipstick color is Bite's Aubergine; her favorite movies are Inception (really, anything be Christopher Nolan) and The Matrix.