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Anders Abel


There's an IdentityServer in my API project
Katrinebergssalen, Monday 11:50 - 12:40

Finally, it looks like API security in ASP.NET will be simple, yet extensible out of the Visual Studio Box. With Visual Studio 2019, IdentityServer4 is included right in the templates. The default configuration is convention based and only requires a couple of lines of code to work. Yet it is the same powerful flexible IdentityServer as we know - with all the extensibility options available.

Anders Abel

Anders Abel is an independent senior .NET developer in Stockholm. He has been programming since he was 9 and still thinks it’s tremendously fun. He works both as an architect on a strategic level and with hands on coding (and debugging). Anders is a relentless learner that always takes the chance to get to know more. He regularly shares his knowledge as a speaker, at Stack Overflow, on his blog Passion for Coding and is an active Open Source Maintainer.