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Filip W

open source advocate

EditorConfig, rulesets, analyzers - get your C# code under control
Trekanten, Monday 10:10 - 11:00

In this session we will see how to abandon the old-school approach of creating code guidelines in a text document (that no one looks at or follows). Instead, we will supercharge our C# code with EditorConfig and a variety of Roslyn code analyzers to achieve better code coherence, maintain higher code quality and uniformly enforce the required code conventions.

We’ll also see how to incorporate that into Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and even command line builds (i.e. build server).

Filip W

Filip is a founder and maintainer of several popular open source projects, author and a Microsoft MVP. He specializes in language tools, the Roslyn compiler, cross platform .NET development, ASP.NET Core and is experienced in delivering robust web solutions. Filip is based in Zürich where he works in a medical industry. You can follow him on Twitter @filip_woj.