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Glenn F. Henriksen

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Your company needs an internal API
Katrinebergssalen, Monday 15:15 - 16:05

A problem for many companies is that their information and processes is locked down in various software systems. Integrations are hard, often duplicated and multiplied by the number of systems. Changing core systems directly is slow, costly and hard. The complexity increases exponentially and slows the rate of innovation and makes development slower.

Creating a company service platform on top of these core systems can allow for a simpler, faster and agile way of innovating and experimenting. How do we ascend to this Nirvana? By good old-fashioned development. By doing the hard work only once and building services that exposes more and more parts of the internal systems and processes.

Glenn will show you the why and the how, enabling you to create a robust, scalable and secure service platform for your business, letting you keep your core systems while creating a fast lane for your development.

Glenn F. Henriksen

Glenn F. Henriksen is working as a mentor, evangelist and developer in Stavanger, Norway. Here he gets to explore new tools, processes and technologies and continuously improve how he and his fellow developers work with code, tasks and projects. He has been a Microsoft Development MVP, a part of the Microsoft Regional Director program and is an Azure Advisor. In the past 18 years he has co-owned a company, worked as a manager, support, network admin, developer, architect, technical lead and more, but his favorite thing is still swapping code for food.