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Kim van Wilgen

Customer Director, Schuberg Philis

Continuous security
Trekanten, Monday 09:00 - 09:55

Agile gave us small. Continuous delivery gave us fast. Now it’s time to add safe to the equation. With agile and continuous delivery, the focus shifted to speed…and nothing else. The immature tools that emerged from these methodologies expose us to new threats. The fast pace of change means we are more frequently introducing new vulnerabilities. And the technology developments such as cloud, IoT, AI and machine learning confronts us with new attacks. DevSecOps focuses on integrating security in the heart of our processes and teams. Automate security first and fail fast will help build security in and supports the growth of awareness in the teams. Kim will show the lessons learned from her journeys to continuous security. Get an overview of the current continuous security landscape and the practical insights and pitfalls. And learn how security can be fun.

Kim van Wilgen

Kim van Wilgen is an experienced leader in software product development. She works at Schuberg Philis, an IT outsourcing company for mission critical IT solutions, delivering a 100% customer satisfaction. She’s passionate about topics such as DevOps, continuous delivery, agile and continuous security. Dealing with today’s complexity and innovation asks for empowering people to levels that are uncomfortable for most of us. And it asks us to upskill our ability to automate and innovate our work in the field of IT. Kim is interested in the cultural, organizational and technological changes associated with these developments. Although a nerd at heart, she also has over a decade of experience on the other side: the business. A huge benefit to bridge the gap between business and IT. She is a speaker at national and international conferences on topics such as agile and continuous delivery.