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Linnea Hubble

SEO Manager

SEO for developers
Trekanten, Monday 11:10 - 12:00

SEO is a complex practice and often misunderstood. There is a lot of misinformation and it's easy to draw the wrong conclusion, so the aim of this talk is to bust some prevalent myths and to explore some common technical issues in more detail. We'll look at some factors affecting crawling & indexing, duplication issues, canonicalization of URLs and why it matters, Google penalties, search engines' ability to handle JavaScript, and a quick look at what the Mobile First index means.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is a collective term for all the different kinds of actions one can take to improve a web site's organic visibility and ranking in a search engine like Google. Improving a site's visibility is accomplished through a combination of efforts regarding content, linking, and technical aspects. In this session we'll focus on technical SEO. Many developers have a greater impact on a site's performance in organic search than they realize. It is much more complex than just adding titles and meta descriptions to pages, especially when working with large web sites in a competitive industry.

Linnea Hubble

Linnea is an experienced SEO professional with a soft spot for technical SEO. With over a decade as an SEO specialist for large web sites operating in multiple markets, she has dealt with a variety of complex technical SEO problems, in competitive industries such as travel and e-commerce. Linnea has been working in-house, making sure to create close working relationships with developers, which she says is crucial for achieving the best possible SEO performance.

Linnea was a member of the jury for the Swedish SEO award in 2019. She is currently a consultant in SEO working remotely, with plans to buy a liveaboard sailboat in the tropics rather than having a land-based residence. Outside of her SEO work, Linnea is interested in sailing, nature, diving, music and dancing, among other things.