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Marilag Dimatulac

Solutions Architect - Dewise

Secrets of the Cosmos
Katrinebergssalen, Tuesday 09:00 - 09:55

Azure CosmosDB is a very powerful cloud database. With its promise of high-availability, low-latency, global-distribution, the possibilities are as vast as the universe. But how can we unlock its secrets without burning our resources like a supernova? Let’s take CosmosDB out for a spin and explore how to design our data architecture, tune performance, and optimize cost so we can truly build intelligent, planet-scale applications

Marilag Dimatulac

Marilag is a solution architect and the co-owner of Dewise, a development company based in Copenhagen and Manila, delivering Cloud Dev Teams as a Service to enterprises. She shares her passion with the community, through her active work as organizer of Azure User Group Manila & Denmark. She lives two lives on each side of the planet, defying distance, abolishing cross-cultural barriers and scaling walls, to work, play and innovate together with wonderfully diverse people in tech.