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Martin Björkström

Software Developer, OSS contributor and Microsoft MVP

gRPC and .NET - A love story
Trekanten, Monday 16:20 - 17:10

You have probably heard about gRPC, the contract-first high performance RPC framework which works across multiple languages and platforms. But did you know that gRPC is now also a first-class citizen in the .NET ecosystem?

In this session, we’ll look at gRPC and how it works in .NET. You’ll learn how to build gRPC services with ASP.NET Core and how to call gRPC services using a .NET Client. We will also learn the differences between the two gRPC implementations in .NET, Grpc.Core and dotnet-grpc.

Whether you want to learn how to handle Inter-Process Communication in polyglot microservices, or just looking for a substitute for WCF, this session is for you.

Martin Björkström

Martin is a passionate software developer on a continuous learning path. Microsoft MVP and jack of all trades with professional experience in everything from bare-metal programming to cloud-native solutions. Currently focusing on .NET and Azure. Father of three, fiancé of one, and an open source contributor.

By day Martin works as a Freelance Software Developer, focusing on .NET and Azure. In his spare time, he’s active in the .NET open source community and actively contributes to various projects, including Cake and OmniSharp.