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Nico Vermeir

Technical consultant at Realdolmen

The revival of .NET desktop development
Trekanten, Monday 11:10 - 12:00

Was there ever any doubt that desktop development is alive and kicking? With .NET Core 3.0 all that doubt, if there was any, should melt away like snow in the sun. Let's have a look at all the juicy goodness that .NET Core 3.0 brings to UWP, WPF and even WinForms! We'll also take a look behind the curtain for what's coming in .NET 5. This talk is aimed at developers who have done, or are doing, desktop development and want to see how bright their future shines.

Nico Vermeir

Nico Vermeir, is a Microsoft MVP in the field of Windows Development. He works as a technical consultant at Realdolmen Belgium since 2010, where he has a focus on frontend technologies, from mobile to desktop apps. He spends a lot of time keeping up with the rapidly changing world of technology. He loves talking about and using the newest and experimental technologies, especially in the mobile world.

In 2011 Nico founded MADN, a user group focusing on Windows 8 and Windows Phone development. Together with successfully launching a user group he also started giving technical talks himself, mostly about his biggest passion, mobile development.