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Nils Hedström

Cloud-ninja at If PnC Insurance

Deep dive into writing good ARM templates
Trekanten, Tuesday 09:00 - 09:55

Azure Resource Manager templates (or ARM templates) can be used to create your Azure resources and is the Microsoft way of building Infrastructure as Code. When writing software we want the code to have good structure, be easy to understand and not contain duplicated code, but can we apply the same principles when writing ARM templates? We will look at software tools, sources of documentation, parameters, variables, functions, unit tests and how to split an ARM template into multiple files. Both developers and IT professionals will benefit from this session where we explore the ways we can create ARM templates that not only works but are also easy to read, understand and maintain.

Nils Hedström

Nils is a developer/architect with 20 years of experience developing web solutions. He works for If PnC Insurance in Stockholm and is a full stack developer and is using technologies such as Microsoft.NET, Azure and Angular. He likes to learn new things, finding the best way to use technologies but also to share his knowledge with his colleagues. When he is not standing in front of a computer he is usually skydiving.