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Rachel Appel

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Build better APIs with GraphQL and ASP.NET Core

Do you have to create APIs and would like more flexibility and efficiency than you find in REST? Are you tired of creating a REST endpoint for every client use case? Wouldn't it be great to have the client query the data and business logic, and get it, without the hassle of dealing with endpoints? Or to allow the client to control the shape of the query response? While REST is mature and stable, it does have some inefficiencies and isn't always easy to deal with. GraphQL was developed with flexibility in mind so we can create efficient queries. In this session, you'll learn what GraphQL is and why you would use it. Then you'll learn how to build robust and flexible APIs with GraphQL in an ASP.NET Core solution.

Rachel Appel

Rachel currently works for JetBrains as a Developer Advocate. She has been in the business of creating software for over 25 years, as an author, mentor, and speaker at top industry conferences such as Techorama, //build, Øredev, NDC and SDD. During her career, she has worked on projects of all sizes from the smallest of apps, to the largest enterprise systems at some of the world’s leading companies.

Rachel’s expertise is in web development on the Microsoft stack, specifically Azure Functions, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, SignalR, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Her hobbies include science, AI, reading, languages, and travel.