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Robert Folkesson

CTO Active Solution

Interactive reports for your web app powered by AI and Cognitive Services
Liljeholmssalen, Tuesday 09:00 - 09:55

New features for Automated ML and Cognitive Services in Power BI enable really interesting new analytics scenarios – with cognitive services you can perform sentiment analysis, pull key phrases from unstructured text, tag images with their content and more! And with Automated ML you can build your own binary prediction, classification, and regression machine learning models on your historical data to make predictions on new data.

In this session, we will examine how to use these new AI-capabilities to make beautiful interactive reports and embed these into a web solution for easy user access.

Robert Folkesson

As the CTO of Active Solution Robert is responsible for the overall technical and architectural strategy for the company. He is also responsible for constantly keeping the skills and knowledge up to date through cutting edge projects, training with the worlds best experts and knowledge sharing between colleagues and projects.

As a public speaker and a Microsoft Regional Director he does regular appearances at conferences like Developer Summit, TechDays and TechX - speaking about Power BI, cloud computing and architecture - among other things.

Robert is also a hobby musician, whenever he finds the time he can be found noodling with old analog synthesizers and drum machines.