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Tugce Özdeger

Full-stack system developer with a heart at If P&C Insurance

How to stay calm when things go wrong in prod?
Telerummet, Monday 16:20 - 17:10

Are you working with complex systems where you have stringent requirements? You most probably then agree that software maintenance can be painful. However, it can be less painful if you have the right mindset.

Get ready to shift your mindset to see every failure in prod as an opportunity to grow.

In this session, Tugce will reveal her mindset to understand the purpose of each and every commit and also talk about how to work in a blame-free and transparent team where focus is on the learning of the failure, not the failure itself. She will demonstrate real world examples of how you can apply the mindset on your code.

What legacy would you like to leave as a developer? What impact do you think you make each time you commit? If you and your team want to level up your game and willing to take the full responsibility of the code in prod without getting stressed out, then you are in the right session!

Welcome :)

Tugce Özdeger

Tugce is a .NET developer with 8 years of experience in developing complex systems of any kind. She's working at If P&C Insurance in Stockholm as a full-stack system developer. She likes trying new techniques within the .NET framework and is an object-oriented programming enthusiast. She has a genuine interest in data structures & algorithms as a back-end developer and she equally enjoys developing in front-end as well. She's always striving for maintainable and testable code.

Tugce holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from Uppsala University.