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Johan Lindfors

CINO at Truesec

Free security resources that your competitors use!
Telerummet, Thursday 12:50 - 13:40

There are tons of resources available for someone who wants to become better at writing secure code, and lots of them are free. OWASP naturally comes to mind, and there are several active projects which should be recognized as bag of tricks in the discipline of secure development. And there are others as well! In this session we will give you some of our personal recommendations that will help both individuals, teams and organizations.

Johan Lindfors

I've been working with Windows and Windows Phone since the early days and I'm often speaking about the platform and technologies at various events. In the middle of 2011 I founded the company Coderox, currently entirely focused on Microsoft platform with various customers and engagements, some leveraging XAML and C#, others using C++ and DirectX. Before Coderox, I worked at Microsoft in Sweden for almost 13 years, and have also been the head of development at Infozone. Currently I am the Chief Innovation Officer at Truesec, focusing on cyber security, advanced IT infrastructure and secure development.

I've also participated in the Microsoft Regional Director program thanks to my experience in cross platform client development and prior customer and speaking engagements.