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Nico Vermeir

Technical Architect .NET at Inetum - Realdolmen

Introducing the Windows App SDK
Telerummet, Thursday 11:50 - 12:40

The Windows App SDK is a new library of developer tools and components that provide a unified experience in developing Windows apps. It builds on existing frameworks like WPF and WinForms instead of trying to be the next framework.

In this session I will take you through the Windows App SDK, from installation to usage in a new project and how to shoehorn it into an existing project. The session is aimed at people developing Desktop applications for Windows who want to modernize their applications, or start a new application from scratch.

Nico Vermeir

Nico Vermeir, is a Microsoft MVP in the field of Windows Development. He works as a .NET architect at Inetum - Realdolmen in Belgium since 2010, where he has a focus on building and architecting modern applications.

In 2011 Nico founded MADN, a user group focusing on developing mobile experiences with .NET