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Michał Łusiak


Making world statically typed with F# type providers

Let's dive into the world, where all your data, wherever it comes from, can be statically typed. Thanks to power of F# type providers you can get type safety on your json data, sql databases, csv files or external API's. In this talk I'm gonna demo how you can start using this powerful features. Maybe even write your own type provider? Because if it's compile, it probably works!

Michał Łusiak

Michal is software developer from Poland, currently living in Sweden. In his daily job, he works mostly with backend for web applications. Huge fan of functional programming. He has worked with all kind of programming platforms and languages, and currently focuses mostly on .NET. He likes to tinker with new stuff and try it out in new projects. When not programming, you can meet him doing some high velocity and high-g craziness - shredding mountain on one ski or piloting flying machines.