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Tomas Jansson


Polyglot heaven

Building applications is hard, especially if you are using the wrong tools for the job. Wouldn't it be nice if you had the right tools for almost every problem you have? It turns out you can. If you are applying CQRS and eventsourcing together with polyglot persistence and programming you can solve many problem much easier then we are used to today. This is by no means a silver bullet, but it will work for a lot of applications we are building today.

I will in this talk show you how you can build an application more effectively that communicates what the business wants better. I will also show you how to integrate multiple databases and how easy it is if you are using eventstore as your main storage. Some of the technologies/languages that I will show you in the talk are: both C# and F# for programming, eventstore to store everything that has happened in our system, elasticsearch to get a first class search experience and neo4j to easily show complex relations.

Tomas Jansson

Tomas jobbar på Bekk Consulting AS i Oslo som manager/programmerare/practice lead .NET. Han är ordförande för NNUG (Norwegian .NET User Group) Oslo. De sista åren har han presenterat på flera konferanser och meetups, och för allt detta har han nu belönats med att ha blivit en Microsoft ASP.NET MVP.
Twitter: @TomasJansson