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Ida Franceen


Lets talk about HTML
Ordenssalen (3rd floor), Thursday 13:30 - 14:20

Everyone who builds something for the web uses it but almost nobody talks about it. A couple of years ago it was hyped and people claimed that it could do all kinds of awesome things. Nowadays it’s excluded from a lot of job ads in favour of JavaScript frameworks, libraries and tools. But is it really so easy that nobody needs to really learn it anymore? Does it matter if you know how to use it or not? Is it true that nothing has happened to HTML for years now? And what about Hixie?

This is a talk about HTML.

Ida Franceen

Working as a senior developer at Futurice Ida has a lot of experience when it comes to creating things for the web. A couple of years ago she started t12t, an initiative to increase the knowledge around Web Accessibility. Last year she organised CSSconf in Oslo, a conference focusing on design and development. She enjoys taking part in various events and consider the best track to be the hallway track. She also thinks it's extremely important to put people first but don't forget to be nice to the internet.