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Matilda Andersson


Designing a good UX without knowing your interface.

How do we ensure a good UX without nessesarily knowing what kind of interface we'll have? More systems are moving away from having (or just having) a classic screen interface and ubiqutous computing is becoming a natural part of our world. Still, many of the established methods of designing and resonating around interactive systems are best suited for this kind of configurations. New design challenges have come with these new mobile and distributed systems and we need to find ways to take them on. So how do we actually go about this? There is no clear answer, but there are ways to improve our odds for achieving a good experience. In this session you'll among other things learn about the theory of Distributed Cognition that uses insights from sociology, cognitive science, and psychology to emphasises the ways that cognition is off-loaded into the environment through technological and social means.

Matilda Andersson

Matilda is a Experience Designer, a Marvel-fan and a Tech-Enthusiast with experience raging from automotive, to collaborative robots to web and mobile. She is passionate about creating products and services that makes life a little easier, smoother or simply just more fun. In her opinion no process or way of doing things is ever perfect or done and we as developers and designers need to continously keep learning and evolving as technology keeps accelerating. Bring it on future!