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Per Rovegård


Supercharge your automated tests to fail better
Bankettsalen (2nd floor), Thursday 10:05 - 10:55

The core of Test-Driven Development is the good old red-green-refactor cycle. While one purpose of the red step is to prove the need for the code about to be written, many developers actually don’t think beyond the color. Supposedly, there are even developers who don’t care about the red step at all! In this session, I will talk about the perils of not paying attention to the red step, as well as how you can write tests that fail better. Such tests mean higher productivity, greater peace of mind and less tearing your hair out!

Per Rovegård

Per Rovegård works as a coding architect at factor10. Per is a passionate developer who believes in having an agile mindset, using good abstractions, and focusing on simplicity. He is interested in all aspects of software development, but in particular those which have to do with solving actual business problems with good, robust code. He advocates Domain-Driven Design as a means to do just that, and Test-Driven Development as a means to get control over your code base.