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Anders Abel

Open Source as a Business Model
Trekanten, Friday 15:40 - 16:30

I'm giving away my software, but my time is certainly not free.

Based on that contradiction, I started my own company. The idea was to use open source development as marketing for high-paid, expert consultancy services.

Does it work? What does a good open source user and customer look like? Join me for an open review of my business model. And yes, I will show you some actual numbers.

Anders Abel

Anders Abel is an independent senior .NET developer in Stockholm. He has been programming since he was 9 and still thinks it’s tremendously fun. He works both as an architect on a strategic level and with hands on coding (and debugging). Anders is a relentless learner that always takes the chance to get to know more. He regularly shares his knowledge as a speaker, at Stack Overflow, on his blog Passion for Coding, is an active Open Source Maintainer and a Microsoft MVP.