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Barry Dorrans


Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core
Liljeholmssalen, Friday 09:00 - 09:50

Writing application is the easy part, it's the security that's hard. In this session Barry will take you through the authentication and authorization options in ASP.NET Core, showing the underpinnings of authentication services, the full buffet of ASP.NET Identity and then how you can use an authenticated user's details to authorize and control parts of your application.

The Code Behind The Vulnerability
Katrinebergssalen, Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Sometimes you get things wrong and cause security problems. When Microsoft gets things wrong we cause patch Tuesday and reboot France. This session will go through what caused a few of the ASP.NET and .NET MSRC cases and show you how you could also have made the same mistakes... and how you can fix them.

Barry Dorrans

Barry is the security PM for .NET at Microsoft, a job which combines equal parts frustration, delight and swearing. His hair wasn't this grey when he started,