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Cristian Carlsson

CCNet Consulting AB

Bringing real-time communication to your website or app
Katrinebergssalen, Thursday 14:35 - 15:25

Dynamic content isn’t always enough! By adding real-time communication to your website or app you can really make a difference.

In this session I will share over 10 years of real-world learnings with real-time communication over the Internet and will show that it isn’t that hard to do.

I will show things to think about both in code and things you didn’t realize you had to take in account. I will go through what WebSockets is and what you really should send over Websockets in a real-world application. How does WebSockets stand up to live streaming video?

I will start from scratch with only a few lines of code on both a web and Windows client. And walk through how to add real-time communication on an existing website so your visitors don’t have to hammer on F5.

I will also show you if SignalR adds any value to WebSockets and if Azure Service is the way to go.

Cristian Carlsson

I started with computers in the early 80s and learned English from books to be able to start programming on the computer, I have been a consultant helping companys with their IT systems and developing problems since the late 90s. My main focus in the daytime is as Head of development with the responsibility for design and developing at a leading Swedish auction firm in Sweden. At night I develop on all the new tech I can find.

I love designing and developing apps and websites and have been deep in the .NET Stack since the launch and try to learn as much as possible whether it's AI, phones, network communication, databases or the latest UI trends and will gladly share with the community as often as I can.