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Daniel Hindrikes


Xamarin - right now and the future
Trekanten, Friday 14:35 - 15:25

Xamarin is a platform for building native mobile apps for iOS, MacOS and Android with .NET (use C# or F#). That makes it possible to share a lot of code between your platforms and of course you can use your favourite tools for .NET development, Visual Studio and ReSharper for example.

With Xamarin.Forms you can build and app and share code, both for business logic and UI for iOS, MacOS, Windows (UWP + WPF), Linux and Tizen.

This session will show you all the latest and greatest features related to Xamarin and the tooling for building mobile apps with .NET and Visual Studio.

Daniel Hindrikes

Daniel one of the most experienced Xamarin developers in Sweden. He started to develop mobile apps long before that, mostly on the Android- (both with Xamarin and with Java) and Windows platforms. But he’s is a full stack developer, but focus on with mobile- and cloud solution as an architect and developer. Right now he is really passionate about how AI can make great applications fantastic. Daniel working for tretton37 in Sweden and he has experience for working with both local- and global customers.