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Dylan Beattie

From NT4 to .NET Core : Twenty Years of Continuous Improvement
Katrinebergssalen, Thursday 11:10 - 12:00

Dylan Beattie started building data-driven web applications on Microsoft Windows way back in 1997, when best practice meant COM objects and stored procedures, and dial-up modems were still a pretty neat idea. Two decades later, the web has transformed the world we live in, and the software industry has changed almost beyond recognition. We’ve gone from ASP and stored procedures to agile, devops, virtualization, JSON, cloud, NoSQL, mobile apps - and yet we still find ourselves facing a lot of the same challenges we had back in the days of the dot-com bubble and the Y2K bug. How do you focus on solving the important problems when there's so many exciting new patterns and frameworks you should be investigating? How do you decide when to adopt new technologies? How do you hire good people? How do you manage legacy systems?

In this talk Dylan will share lessons and experience from two decades of managing software teams and building web apps on Microsoft platforms. As each new generation of developers enters our industry, they're starting out a journey of their own - and maybe there's some insight from the last two decades that we can share to make their journeys easier.

Dylan Beattie LIVE: Specs, Bugs… and Rock’n’Roll!

What do you get when you mix classic rock tunes, comedy lyrics about software development and awesome big-screen visuals? Swetugg has the answer!

Join Dylan Beattie - speaker, guitar player, and creator of the Rockstar programming language ( - for a special live show, featuring classic code hits including “Enterprise Waterfall”, “We’re Gonna Build a Framework” and some all-new material you’ve never heard before.

You’ll laugh, you’ll sing along, you might even find yourself dancing.


Dylan Beattie

Dylan wrote his first web page in 1992 and never looked back. He's been building data-driven web applications since the late 1990s, and has worked on everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He's the CTO at Skills Matter in London, he's a Microsoft MVP, and he's a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, where he's spoken about topics from continuous delivery and Conway's Law to the history of the web, federated authentication and hypermedia APIs. When he's not wrangling code, Dylan plays guitar and writes songs about code. He's online at and on Twitter as @dylanbeattie.