Elsa Landberg

There’s no place like a SMART home - what I learned when building my first smart home mirror

By 2020 there will be 30 billion connected devices and a smart home will generate 50 GB of data every day, according to Microsoft. That might not seem like news to all of you. But if we stop and think about it, what interfaces and channels do we use for our dear data? Well, me myself cannot wait until there’s an alternative to the smartphone (think my neck agrees to that one)

Well, one thing that is already known is the (not so young) trend within the smart homes- sector, namely smart home mirrors. These cool mirrors where you can display the time and the weather… and… and? yeah, what can really be done on a smart home mirror? And are they really that nice to have?

During my session I’ll demonstrate the process of building my very own smart home mirror, what I learned and what functions I’ve implemented into it.

Elsa Landberg

Passionate about advanced technology and challenges of the future, but that I am a humanistic engineer with strong business acumen. Personally, I understand that my interest in IT is a result of my Ms.C- degree, where I have deepened my knowledge within these areas. My true passion is however people, and when I realized how relevant this combination of people and technology is, I found my niche and projects where I could grow and to funnel my creativity and passion. Slowly (but steady) building my dream of a production company niched in visualising the future/impact och technology in our lives in the future. Also working at Ericsson with Production/Creative.