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Filip Ekberg

C# 8 and Beyond
Liljeholmssalen, Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

One of the most popular programming language on the market is getting even better. With every iteration of C# we get more and more features that are meant to make our lives as developers a lot easier.

Join me in this session to explore what's new in C# 8, as well as what we can expect in the near (and far) future of C#

We'll talk about: - News in C# 8 - Pattern Matching (incl. Record Types) - Nullable Reference Types and How to Avoid Null Reference Exceptions - How Async & Await is Improving

Filip Ekberg

Filip is the author of C# Smorgasbord and a handful of Pluralsight courses, speaker at events and user groups around the globe, Microsoft and Xamarin MVP. He loves teaching fellow developers how to master C# by understanding important concepts such asynchronous programming, MSIL and much more.