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Glenn F. Henriksen


That just happened! A look at event-based serverless computing
Liljeholmssalen, Thursday 11:10 - 12:00

"Distributed applications are now the norm. Distributed across services, servers, across data centers, and across clouds. On different platforms and by different teams.

How do we connect all of these? It turns out that events are a good tool for this. Instead of tight coupling directly between your services, opt for a loose and flexible event based architecture. We'll also connect this further up the stack to functions and lambdas and see how ""serverless"" computing can be a powerful companion to events, enabling us to create powerful applications very quickly and with a minimum of ceremony. If you want to rapidly build a robust and scalable event-based backend, this session is for you. Glenn will teach you the concepts you need and show you how to put them into practice. "

Glenn F. Henriksen

Glenn F. Henriksen is working as a mentor, evangelist and developer in Stavanger, Norway. Here he gets to explore new tools, processes and technologies and continuously improve how he and his fellow developers work with code, tasks and projects. He has been a Microsoft Development MVP, a part of the Microsoft Regional Director program and is an Azure Advisor. In the past 18 years he has co-owned a company, worked as a manager, support, network admin, developer, architect, technical lead and more, but his favorite thing is still swapping code for food.