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Jakob Ehn

Active Solution

Real Programmers Commit To Master
Liljeholmssalen, Thursday 14:35 - 15:25

Continuous delivery and DevOps is all about delivering value faster to our end users while keeping the quality at a high level and reducing the downtime to a minimum. Traditional development strategies such as feature and release branching allows us to work and stabilize in isolation, but by doing so we are no longer integrating continuously which in the end will slow us down. So, how can we whip new code as often as possible (even every commit) without breaking stuff in production?

In this session you will learn about techniques such as Feature Flags, A/B testing, Canary releases and Dark Launches and how we can implement this using Azure DevOps, Microsoft Azure and Application Insighs to be able to ship new functionality into production as fast as possible, and learn about how these features are being used so that we can learn and improve along the way.

Jakob Ehn

Jakob has 15 years of experience with professional software development, and currently works as a programming architect at Active Solution, specializing in DevOps and cloud architecture.

Jakob is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP Reconnect and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, He speaks regularly at different conferences and user groups, such as DevSum, Tech Days, TechX and SweNug.