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Lisa Ryrholm

Crash course of react for beginners
Trekanten, Thursday 09:00 - 09:50

We are going through what React is, why to use it and how to get started. Questions we ask is: What does React do that differs react from other frameworks? And what is the similarities? Why isn't React a frameworks? What is the main usage? How to use it? What is the basic concepts? Common mistakes and pitfalls for beginners?

Lisa Ryrholm

Lisa is a passionate coder who loves to teach and see others grow. She started coding as a 10-year-old in the 90's when everyone was going to have their own flashing website. In high school she learned to program in C# and the interest in programming grew ever stronger. However, she chose to educate herself as a leisure leader before finally landing at Chalmers, which led back to the developer career she has today. But she has kept the interest in working with people.

Today she works at Avensia as Full stack System Developer where she works as a team leader in the development of a web-shop with lots of surrounding product management systems.