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Mattias Karlsson


Automated .NET assembly documentation with Azure DevOps
Trekanten, Thursday 13:30 - 14:20

Wouldn't it be nice to have up-to-date API documentation on each commit to master for your .NET assemblies?

Guess what there's a way! In this session we'll go through how you from your source code, using Azure DevOps and a static site generator can continuously deliver documentation. All this fully automated, triggered by successful release build of your .NET assemblies.

Mattias Karlsson

Mattias has been working professionally as a developer for almost 20 years.

His interest in coding started already in the 80s with the Commodore 128 and the true passion came with the Amiga.

Today he's a partner and senior architect at WCOM, a Microsoft partner located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

He’s also a Microsoft Azure MVP and a member of the OzCode Magician community.

Outside work he a father of two, husband of one and contributes actively to the .NET open source community.

Most know there for being one of the maintainers behind the Cake build system, which is now also part of the .NET foundation.