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Peter Örneholm

Active Solution

A service a day keeps the servers away
Liljeholmssalen, Friday 14:35 - 15:25

Whether you are building an app, a website or an IoT device it has become extremely important to bring added value to your consumers at a high rate. Putting money and energy into making your product the best choice on the market is a key to success, but many companies are still spending thousands of dollars on setting up and maintaining good 'ol servers which provide little to no added value. Shifting to services will keep the servers away.

In this session we will look at why and how you should utilize services in Azure to take great ideas to market in no time while saving a ton of money. You will be familiarized with many of the available services and learn the details of a key few. This session is not only relevant for you as an architect or CTO, but also for you as a developer if you are interested in how to build your solutions based on services in Azure. How nice would it be to host websites, store data and search millions of documents without ever thinking about doing yet another Windows update?

Peter Örneholm

Peter Ă–rneholm is a Microsoft Azure MVP who loves life and his family. Using the power of Azure is his passion. Peter has over 10 years of experience in Microsoft related technologies and currently works as an IT consultant at Active Solution in Stockholm helping companies achieve more using modern web and cloud technologies.