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Stacy Cashmore

Embrace the pitfalls (Our stop start journey to Continuous Delivery)
Trekanten, Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

As developers we want to work in a modern way, to get fast feedback on what we are building to make sure that we are building the right things in the right way.

However, many companies are still at the start of their journey. Things take longer than we would like to get moving, sometimes change can seem to happen at glacial pace and whilst you are ready to try and run, others are finding their feet - or even digging in their heels!

In this talk I will go over some of the pitfalls that have happened to me, and the lessons that I have learned from them. What I don't really have are magic solutions to make the problems go away, but hopefully you can look at the mistakes I made and go away to make your own new ones to learn from!

Stacy Cashmore

Stacy has been a software developer since the mid 1990s.

Since being handed a sink or swim assignment managing a near shoring project in the early 2000s she has been an avid fan of agile ways of working (even before she had heard of the agile movement). Seeing no other option than close colaboration with the client and constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of the project.

The success of the project only cemented the idea that this was the way to work!

For the last decade she has worked for Independer, the largest online financial advice website in the Netherlands, on the customer facing website, and interfaces with external financial institutions, whilst also helping with the ongoing agile adoption within the development enivironment.

Outside of her tech work she loves music, reading, motorsport and cooking.