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Chris Klug

Developer Badass-as-a-Service

Azure IaC Showdown
BANQUET HALL 3, Monday 16:10 - 17:00

In this session, some of the most commonly used IaC tools will battle it out, to see which one is the best one for your Azure solutions.

Is it Terraform, the IaC kingpin from HashiCorp? It’s been around longer than most of us can remember, and It has great market penetration, but is it the best choice for Azure?

Or is it Bicep, the ARM successor, that is the beez kneez for Azure infrastructure? Sure, it’s pretty new to the scene, but builds upon years of experience. Not to mention that it is native to Azure.

Or maybe it is the new kid on the block, Pulumi? Taking a very different approach to IaC than the others, offering some really cool, new abilities sounds very interesting. But is newer, and different, also better?

Well…if you attend this session, you will find out! Or at least walk out with a better understanding of which one might suit you the best. During the session, you will see the pros and cons of each one the different tools, as well as hear about Chris Klug’s own experience and opinions about them. All, to make it possible for you to make the most informed IaC choice for your needs.

Chris Klug

Chris Klug is a developer badass-as-a-service that either creates or solves problems depending on who you ask. He loves creating and building things. Whether it be a new application, a new kitchen or a new RC helicopter, you will see him building things all the time. Most of the time, that means writing code and solving problems for clients at a company called Active Solution in Stockholm though. Except for the many days he spends at conferences and usergroups, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and for the days he goes mountain biking, IPSC shooting, kiteboarding or RC helicopter flying. For the last 15-something years, he has been solving problems for customers, and loving it. But if he gets to choose, he'll go to the beach and kitesurf every day!