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Swetugg Göteborg

by .NET developers, for .NET developers,
19 September 2022


You can can start buying tickets at Wednesday 1 of June 12:00! (don't miss our early bird special)
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Contact us

We are happy to answer questions, listen to feedback or suggestions for the future. Maybe you would like to volunteer? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

The board

Jessica Engström
Cecilia Wirén
Magnus Sax
Sigge Sax
Andrea Klintelius
Johan Normén
Mattias Karlsson

The Team

Anders Ljusberg
Fabian Miiro
Jimmy Engström
Ulrika Bladh
Daniel Hindrikes
Per Hammar
Rickard Öh
Johanna Månsson Grahn
Lena Pejgan Nyström Wiberg
Sebastian Rosengren