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Jessica Engström

Azm Dev

Practical tips to elevate your UX and accessibility

As humans we have limitations like perception, focus, concentration, distractions, sight, you name it.

Adapting our solution to increase the accessibility isn't something we should do as an afterthought or because "someone might have a hard time seeing colors". It's something that we should incorporate from the beginning.

With a simple mindset shift to start recognizing that there is in fact a human with a brain (with all the glory and limitations) on the other end of your solution, the experience for both the users and you will increase enormously.

There are hundreds of UX-principles, laws and rules but there often isn't time or resources to study and learn all these, especially as developers.

Jessica will show a few easy steps to start to improve your UX and accessibility regardless of if you develop for desktop, web or mobile.

Jessica Engström

Jessica is a CEO, teacher and international speaker and has travelled the world sharing knowledge about her passions.

She is a Microsoft MVP and has been part of the developer community for many years, she organizes conferences like .NET Front End Day & Swetugg but also events, hackathons and runs multiple user groups. Adapting technology to humans is something that she thinks is important and that is why UX as well as presentation skills is her main focus.

Jessica is the co-host of Coding After Work, a podcast and a stream on Twitch.