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Stacy Cashmore

Tech Explorer DevOps, Omniplan, Netherlands

Azure Static Web Apps - From Zero to Deployed App In 60 Minutes
TAUBE ROOM, Monday 10:00 - 10:50

We're told that by using services such as Medium, etc. we are diluting our personal brand. That we should be posting to our own site and building ourselves up. You can, of course, use off-the-shelf applications to do that for you.

Or… You can use it as an exercise to try something new and learn new skills!

In this session, we will look at doing just that! Starting with an empty GitHub repository we are going to make a Blazor WebAssembly application to act as our website. We’ll connect that to an Azure Function that reads posts from a CosmosDB to pass to that site. Then we’ll deploy that to a production Azure Static Web App.

Of course, when developing an application, it’s useful to be able to run it locally. So, we’ll also look at how we can do that with Azure Static Web Apps.

Finally, in order to be able to write new blog posts, we need to be able to authenticate ourselves and provide proper authorization so that this functionality can be added later.

Stacy Cashmore

Speaker, author and software developer. Stacy has been developing solutions since the mid-1990s in various companies and industries ranging from facilitating contract jobbing to allowing consumers to close a mortgage without the help of a financial adviser – with lots in between.

She has a passion for sharing knowledge: using story telling for sharing her experiences to help teams grow in the ways that they develop software and work together, and performing live coding demonstrations to inspire others to try new technologies.

Stacy is currently in the closing stages of completing her first book, aimed at helping developers get started building dynamic applications using C#, Azure Functions and Azure Static Web Apps.

For her effort in the community Stacy has been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies since 2020.