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Tiberiu Covaci


Fast, Faster ... Async ASP.NET

Do you have any page that needs to access the database, or a web service? Do any of those takes longer than five seconds? Do you know what happens to the rest of your application? All these questions get at least one answer during this session, together with some solutions to the problems that may arise when you develop ASP.NET applications.

Tiberiu Covaci

Tibi is an independent software consultant and trainer with 20 years of industry experience, specialising in .NET, web development, and Microsoft Azure. He focuses on full-stack solutions, and has real-world experience with a wide range of technologies, including ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, Aurelia, and Knockout. He is an active member of the ASP Insiders, Azure Insiders and Azure Advisors groups, and a former member of the Microsoft Learning Board of Advisors. Tibi holds two degrees in Computer Science - one from the Technical University of Timisoara, and one from the Royal School of Technology in Stockholm.